Face of the Resistance. Ukraine 2022. Episode 12

2022 ж. 4 Там.
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Maksym Kurochkin, one of Ukraine's best-known playwrights, joined a territorial-defense battalion in Kyiv on February 25, on the second day of the full-scale war. Then, he joined AFU. During his vacation, when he was back from the frontline, Maksym decided to implement his pre-war plans - together with his colleagues, he founded the Theater of Playwrights, where the main value is text. The theater will be working as a weapon, telling global audiences the truth and explaining who the Ukrainians actually are. Because there is no other nation in the whole world that has such a vast life experience as Ukraine.
Director Oleg Tolmachov visited the ‘military field opening’ of the Theater, as the founders said, because an official opening is planned right after our victory. In a new episode of Face of the Resistance documentary cicle, Kurochkin speaks about the role of the playwright in Ukraine, the support of American producers, and Ukrainian plays that have already taken place worldwide.
Founders of the Theater of Playwrights: Pavlo Arie, Olena Astafieva, Igor Bilyts, Natalia Block, Andriy Bondarenko, Natalia Vorozhbyt, Iryna Garets, Yulia Honchar, Olena Gapeeva, Oksana Hrytsenko, Tatyana Kitsenko, Anastasia Kosodiy, Maksym Kurochkin, Lena Liagushonkova, Eugen Markovskyi, Olga Matsupa, Kateryna Penkova, Oksana Savchenko, Liudmyla Tymoshenko, Vitaliy Chenskyi.
Texts were read during the opening:​​ Andriy Bondarenko’s ‘Peace and Quiet’, Helen Astaseva’s ‘Vocabulary of Emotions’, created for The Worldwide Ukrainian reading project, Liudmyla Tymoshenko’s ‘An Oak’, created for the project ‘Threes’, Olga Matsupa's 'The First Lego’, Iryna Harets's 'We are Going to Get the Avocado', Vitalii Havura's ‘Kherson’, Olga Murashko's 'Mother, there is an Aircraft', Olena Hapeeva's 'I Don't Know', Natalia Block's 'Audio Meditation’, Oksana Grytsenko's 'A Little Sailor', Julia Gonchar's ‘Barley’, Kateryna Penkova's ‘TPO’, Andriy Bondarenko's 'What is War', Tetiana Kytsenko's 'Metrosexuals', Оксана Савченко ‘Don't Tell Nobody’, Tasia Pugach's ‘Dialogues’, Ludk Timoshenko's ​​’Key Signatures’, Andriy May's ‘23/24/25’, Eugenia Vidishcheva's ‘The City of Maria. Diary’, and Eugene Stepanenko's ‘ABC of War’.
Texts were performed by Anastasia Segeda, Alina Rashko, Eugenia Vidishcheva, Daria Legeyda-Sova, Rimma Zyubina,Iryna Vrataryova, Vitaliy Havura, Dmytro Bahnenko.
Director of Face of the Resistance: Oleg Tolmachov

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