Face of the Resistance. Ukraine 2022. Episode 10

2022 ж. 14 Шіл.
3 415 Рет қаралды

Letters from home enforce Ukrainian soldiers and help them to be strong on the frontline. These remind them that they are in the right place doing the right thing. Talks with relatives and messages from friends are significant, but children's paintings have a unique superpower. And the tradition of letter writing to soldiers is hard-touching.
Oleg Tolmachov presents a new episode of Face of the Resistance documentary cycle, where he filmed defenders' emotions while they were reading thankful letters - someone was grateful for the opportunity to pass exams, someone - for the ability to feel safe and secure. And they all at one wished heroes had a smooth run and came back to their families as soon as possible.

  • Дякую нашим захисникам.Хай Бог вас оберігає і дасть сили для захисту нашої рідної України

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  • Ми дуже вдячні вам,наші захисники

    Сам СунгСам Сунг26 күн бұрын
  • We all wish you luck, your spirit can never be broken.

    Riley DuncanRiley Duncan22 күн бұрын
  • А за что вы 8 лет УБИВАЛИ детей Донбасса , о своих детях вспомнили своих жалко ? Там такие же дети ,с кем воюете ? , а теперь не скулите , закон бумеранга никто не отменял

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